Friday, November 8, 2013

What's going on here?

Wherein I try to give an idea of what's going on.

At this moment I'm busy setting everything up. I'm not using the best device to do that, nor do I have as much time as I'd like for the project. It will be a couple of weeks, I'm sure, before everything is up and running as it should be. At that time this site will run between two weekly "circuits," if you will.

The first circuit will have fiction posted on Monday, a story idea on Wednesday, and notes relating to a story of mine on Friday, about what I was trying to achieve with the story and things like that. The second week will have fiction posted on Monday and then, on Wednesday and Friday, a feature called Genre Splash, where I take a particular mix of settings, themes, or whatever that somebody has sent me and try to make something workable out of them. The idea is that these combinations are seen as difficult to mix by whoever submitted them, and Genre Splash will rely on reader-submitted combinations in order to make sure that I'm not subconsciously making it easy on myself.

Then, the week after, everything resets and we go back to the first circuit.

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