Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hey folks, how can I make this blog better?

I've got a few general questions for all of you, and if you have any other thoughts then please, do share them.
  • Posting Frequency: Does White Marble Block post often enough? Too much? 
  • Types of Posts: Is there any kind of content that appears too much? Doesn't appear enough?
  • Design: Is WMB easy to read and navigate? 
  • Your Favorite Post: What was it, and why?
  • Applicability: How can I make WMB more useful to you?  
  • Commenting: What encourages you, the reader, to comment? A question at the end of the post? A short post, giving you time in your tight schedule to read and respond?
  • Other ideas: Do you have any thoughts that aren't covered by the above? 
All comments will be responded to. 

Thanks you in advance. 

1 comment:

  1. You post what you enjoy, what you feel like sharing. That's what makes blogging good. It's about you and what you want. If what you want is more of a connection with the readers, then maybe input ain't a bad idea, but that's my 2c.

    RE: Commenting. I don't comment much. I won't read things until weeks or months later sometimes, just because of how I get around to reading things. And I'm not much for sharing my thoughts unless I have a real good one in my mind. I'll be reading through a whole bunch of things, usually over lunch, so it is taking things in, not putting more out. Sorry, man.
    - Matt (too lazy to log in)