Sunday, November 16, 2014

CYOA brainstorming: Escapism

What is this about?

This one seems more like a writing prompt than anything else.

And I want to do something with it, even if nothing is coming to me just right now.

Nevertheless, here's what I've got:

Setting: Strange Land.
Themes/Moods: Adventure, Melancholy
Bonus: Compendium, Lucky charm, Weapon

Rule of cool and action shenanigans, but with lots of feels and introspection. I can dig it.

And all very surreal.

Oh, and the compendium is so big that it's hard to find the right thing, and the information about any one thing is scattered all through the pages. The book is so finely-detailed that something like "Chickenish humanoids, Eye colors of" talks about eye color generally and then directs you to more sub-entries for each possible eye color. Including the weird ones that barely ever pop up.

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