Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Strange Nations preview: The Ardwmus

For the past while I've been working on updating and expanding the cultures produced in my RPG.net column, The Culture Column. Consider it a second edition, bigger and better than the first. Besides proofreading edits, there will be enough extra content that it would have taken me another two years to release it all had I done it through the column. The collection will be issued under the title Strange Nations, and hold a total of twenty-eight major cultures, plus a number of smaller philosophies and schools of thought like "cultured cannibalism," which says that if you are what you eat, then if you want to stay human then you need to eat vat-grown human flesh (but not normal humans, because they've eaten nonhumans, making them nonhuman in turn).

For those of you who're new to the party, The Culture Column released new cultures for you to use in your worlds. You could use them for your weekly game. You could use them for your soon-to-be-bestselling series of novels. It didn't matter. All of it was free for you to use, however you'd like. And as you might infer from the notice at the bottom of this post, this second-edition collection will be placed in the Creative Commons.

In the next month or two, as college permits, Strange Nations will be going up on Kickstarter. My intention is to get money together in order to supply the book with art. I have to do that ahead of time because the book is going to be offered under a pay-what-you-want model and I can't know for sure how quickly I would be able to recoup that investment, if ever.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of this culture here.

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