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[This page is under a little bit of renovation. Part of it has been redone in the third-person, but I haven't touched the second half yet.]

White Marble Block is curated by R. Donald James Gauvreau. Wherever the internet rejects that name for being too long, he's also known as Callmebrotherg. He's done some work for a company called Emergency Power Corporation, most of it involving batteries, and is presently attending Brigham Young University- Idaho. More than anything else, though, he's a writer.

This blog is the real center of his operations online. Grand Central Station, as it's called on his tumblr. The main show is the free stuff: the stories and ideas that get posted here. Most Mondays there's fiction of some sort, prose or poetry. On Thursdays, the blog posts articles from one of his columns around the web.

If you have any questions or thoughts that you'd like to share, feel free to comment on the blog, message him on Twitter or Facebook, or email him at callmebrotherg@gmail.com.

To get you started on your journey through WMB, here are a few Best Hits.

Original fiction

A Story Across Years is a generational tale about a girl and her supervillain father, thirteen chapters and four generations long. Bubblegum Peculiarity is also a story about parent-child relationships, but is either happier or more horrifying, depending on how you judge these things. Definitely more social workers, though. Her Body Moves is a Lovecraftian action piece. Gory combat, superspeed, cannibalism, it's got it all, and happening at the same time, too.

His original fiction stories are mirrored at Fictionpress and the Things That I Like tumblr.


Currently, my Really Big Project in fandom is fleshing out Harry Potter's wizarding world as it exists outside of Britain and fleshing out what happens to Britain and the rest of the world after the epilogue in Deathly Hallows. The former includes stories such as When Mr. Carrol Came By; the latter, the series Stories from the India War, which could be best described as "Wizarding Britain does Vietnam."

If that's not your cuppa then maybe you'd like to try out Necessary Evils, a story set in an alternate 1963 where the British Ministry of Magic is a government-in-exile and those who remain are fighting a desperate war of resistance.

His fanfiction is mirrored at Archive of Our Own, Ficwad, Fanfiction.net, The Quidditch Pitch, and the Things That I Like tumblr.

Story ideas

The Polish Wasp Conspiracy weaves together vampire legends, fairies, the KGB, and insect demon-aliens. It's part of the Genre Splash series, where I take a really weird combination of story or setting elements and work out something that could actually be used for a story. Another popular Genre Splash post is The Brothers Grimm, which interprets Hansel and Gretel and Godfather Death as though the Grimms were Investigators of cosmic horror in the vein of Lovecraft. 

Two other popular posts are Vampires: the Neil Armstrongs of the Timestream and Why Bother Training Cute Monsters When You Can Steal Their Power for Yourself?

I also suggest that you read Stefan Gagne's incredible and self-explanatory guest post, The Vast and Untapped Potential of Digital Narrative Delivery is Kinda Stupid

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