Published Work

Works are listed in reverse chronology.

Links direct to the actual page that the work can be found on, where possible.

"Applying History", ongoing monthly history/cultures column at, April 2015 – Present.
"Things That I Like," ongoing biweekly writing/creativity column at The Oak Wheel and Seventh Sanctum, February 2014 – Present.
"The Hope Spot," ongoing monthly horror writing column at Sanitarium Magazine, June 2014 – December 2015.
"The Idea Emporium," ongoing monthly writing/creativity column at, January 2015 – October 2015.
"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," ongoing irregular review feature at The Bookie Monster and, less frequently, The Oak Wheel, April 2014 – April 2015.
"The Culture Column," monthly writing/worldbuilding column at, November 2010  – December 2014.

"Constructive Complexity, or Posthuman Ethics and Value Systems," h+ Magazine, July 2014
/tg/ on... Stuff, published June 2014 (1st Edition), July 2014 (2nd Edition), 6,100+ downloads
Brother G's Cyclopedia of Comparative Mythology, published February 2014, 15,000 downloads

Short Stories
"The Albatross Came", Darkness Abound (Migla Press)
"The Angel in the Basement", Under a Dark Sign (Wolfsinger Publications)
"Percival", Detectives of the Fantastic (Horrified Press)
"Whirlidrifts Girl", Inner Sins Dark Fiction and Poetry Zine, Summer 2015 Issue
"Afflatus," The Woven Tale Press, July 2014 Issue

"Hali (Byself)," Hello Horror, December 2014 Issue
"Haunting Lonely Pools," Inner Sins Dark Fiction and Poetry Zine, Fall 2014 Issue
"Behind the Walls," Tales of the Talisman Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, Autumn 2014 Issue
"Was the Hunt," Inner Sins Dark Fiction and Poetry ZineSummer 2014 Issue
"Cigarette Gallery," The Linnet's Wings Literary Magazine, Summer 2014 Issue
"Coyote," Inner Sins Dark Fiction and Poetry Zine, Spring 2014 Issue
"The Queen of the Moon," Inner Sins Dark Fiction and Poetry Zine, Spring 2014 Issue

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