Tuesday, November 11, 2014

CYOA brainstorming: Mage

What is this about?

Mana Blue (wood & death)
Ideal Golem (petrified wood, bone, &c)
Order Illusionist
Specialties Celerity (primary); prestidigitation, necromancy, alchemy

Our character is alone. If there is magic elsewhere in the world, there are no other mages. Not even our character knows how this happened, and ze's long since given up on explaining zir existence.

The magic that ze wields is in life, but that power becomes refined, is purified, after death. Wood burns, but coal does it better.

This magic has many uses: communication with the dead; investing spirits into inanimate objects, whether corpses, swords, cups, or houses; and controlling nearby plant life. Its most potent application, however, is improving the character's speed to superhuman levels. At its greatest extent the world just stops, and our character can spend minutes observing a snowflake in the air. This can be triggered involuntarily, however, and as time goes on this happens more frequently and lasts longer and longer.

The slow assimilation of magical energy extends the character's life and is slowly transmuting them into an unliving but still animate construct of bone and petrified wood.

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