Monday, November 4, 2013

Fiction: The Cup That I Shall Drink Of

The Cup That I Shall Drink Of

And on the third day after that their provisions had run out, since the storm had forced them to take up refuge in the belly of the cave, another of them perished from cleanness of teeth. And there was exceeding mourning, and lamentations, because of the loss of her that had been their mother, or their sister.

And it came to pass that one of them, who was brother to her that had perished, knelt down and cried out with many long strugglings on behalf of them that remained, saying, "Is there no help for the widow's son?" and "For what cause hast Thou led us into the wilderness, to die before we reach the city of refuge which Thou hast appointed?"

And there came unto him a voice, saying, "Put forth thy hand upon the residue of thy supplies, thy metal and thy fuel, and make a fire, and with it make thee a knife." And after the man had done so the voice commanded him again, saying, "Take the knife into thy hand, that was made by fire, for there shall be done through thy hand a miracle like unto the sacrifice for Elijah the Tishbite, for Jehovah that is his God. And take thee also the pots and cups of they that are with thee, and all containers that are in thy possession."

And the man did as was given unto him and he put the knife to his throat, and cut it. And the blood gushed out, which was gathered by him alone, for he would not that the others would see him doing these things. And he grew not faint, but the blood ceased to flow. And the voice said unto him, "And again, until every vessel is filled." And the man did as was given unto him. And he was told, "Take, drink." But the man would not, saying, "It is forbidden me. For it is said, Moreover ye shall eat no manner of blood, whether it be of fowl or of beast, in any of your dwellings."

And the Spirit of the Lord entered into him again, saying, "Reach forth thy hand, and drink, looking forward unto the day of thy rescue. What I have sanctified by consecration, call not thou common." And the man did as was given unto him, and drank, and was filled. And the man went out unto the others, and gave unto him to drink, repeating unto them the words of God which he had heard.

And it came to pass that the vessels did not fail, neither their strength, until the time that their rescuers arrived, coming out from the city of refuge. And before they saw the first of them, they heard the Spirit of the Lord, which said unto them, "Only by the shedding of blood are you saved to-day, to reveal unto you a type of greater things, and without the shedding of blood was there no salvation herein. Ye are dead bodies, but no longer."

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