Friday, March 14, 2014

Story Notes: A Story Across Years

Notes to: A Story Across Years

The writing went across the years just as the story did. The story was complete when I first began to upload it. It ended with chapter seven. Very open ending, and hella hopeful IMO.

TheRoseShadow21 is the reason that it went on for almost twice that length. She asked me, at chapter four, how many generations it would continue on for. That's when I realized that the story had to keep going. It wasn't much longer before I knew just how and when it would end.

Skeleton Scott's legacy was truer than he thought, and his great-grandson fulfilled his dreams, perhaps, like he never would have imagined. Becoming Scott; surpassing Scott, shedding Scott like a butterfly does its cocoon.

And Skeleton Scott came back from the grave with a vengeance. He came back as the discarded mask, a copy of the original but all the same for what it represented, and he struck his killer down.

Skeleton Scott is a reference to the Skeleton Army and a possibly-folkloric character that I can no longer find any online refs to but was associated with the same.

The Face, referred to in the first chapter, is a poor man's lawyer-friendly Joker. His enemy, of course, is an expy of the Batman.

Alejandro Edgar Hess is half-Latino, just to be clear. I don't know for sure who he married or who Marilyn or her children married. I was never let in on that part of their lives.

Marilyn, Allison, and James all refer to one of their parents by first name at some point. I imagine that Marilyn isn't as close to her birth father as she'd like to think (understandable, seeing as how he was dead for so long) and to a certain extent is holding a grudge against him for being so weak as to die. Or so stubborn as to ignore Skeleton Scott's warnings. Allison has a grudge against Marilyn for obvious reasons, and James... Is he holding something against his mother? Because she didn't do enough, in his opinion, to keep Richie from becoming Skeleton Scott and then the Spook? Because she brought them back in contact with Marilyn, without which the Skeleton Scott legacy would have died out after just two generations?

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