Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Idea: The Lizard People are not what you think [A]

I think that many men that have done bad things are men that were good men whose flaws overcame them. I don't think that every person that has done bad things would have gone down that road had they been able to foresee its end. Certainly, they at least don`t usually consider themselves bad men. Most people don't think themselves villains.

When I think of George W. Bush I think of a man who wanted to do the right thing (at least as he understood it) but failed, partly because he lost control over the situation (if you could say that he even had control once) and partly because his flaws got the better of him. Most people do end up that way, in that situation. Then you have David Icke, who thinks that Bush is descended from a lineage of shapeshifting blood-drinking reptilian aliens.

A part of me wonders: What if we`re both right? What if Dubya is a reptoid- but has lost control in a way that none of us hairless apes can imagine?

The reptilians know barely more than we do. There was a time when both of us were different from what we are now, but there was war in Heaven and we were the ones who lost. We found ourselves imprisoned, and then we forgot about everything. The reptoids were prison warders once, victors of the usurpation, but they either were betrayed by power-hungry underlings or were those rebellious underlings. Either way, they lost the second war and found themselves in the same prison that they had fashioned. And then their ancestors ran into a mad accident and were left, Robinson Crusoe-style, on this world, isolated from the galaxy-spanning empire that their fellows had created. Once usurpers in Heaven, they were now twice-fallen.

They don't have the industrial base to maintain or reproduce their technology, nor the numbers to maintain a stable breeding population, but they were able to act quickly enough to take control of the earliest city-states and install themselves as god-kings. They called themselves the annunaki. But a small cadre of castaway alien-demons does not a permanent occupying force make, and when they lost control they couldn't get it back. They've been trying for thousands of years to do so, and have occasionally gotten temporary footholds, but the job gets harder with every passing generation. Even when they were monarchs in Europe they couldn't take full advantage of the situation- they hide their nature and plans out of self-preservation rather than brotherhood and whenever they grow powerful enough  some turn on the rest and progress is lost again.

Continued on Friday.

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