Monday, May 5, 2014

Poetry: "The Queen (of the Moon)" and "Coyote"

These poems were previously published at Inner Sins on April 1st, 2014.

Click on the titles to view them at Inner Sins.

The Queen (of the Moon)

Wicked palms and pomegranates
Around three keys to three kingdoms
Plain blue

Standing beside the sea, in secrets,
Standing guard at luminous veil,
His veil.

A helmet of tusks, crown of horns,
A sickle in her bloody hand,
For war.

From out of the thick dismal swamp
From between the falling pillars
She comes.

Faces shifting in and out withstanding
Ev'ry step stolen, advancing.

Clad in white, inflicting her will,
Making blind, deaf, and dumb with hard

At civil war in herself, with
Her limbs, thoughts, voices, and trembling

A schizophrenic storm of hail,
Billowing winds and ancient deep


He wears a triplicate crown of swords:
A deceiver, power over others,
Scattering and invading mortal senses,
Drawing the keys to Heaven.

He wears a triplicate crown of swords:
A radical, a supporter, a discipline.
Between law and liberty hang the man
Of sanctified death, a dual intermedium.

A deceiver, power over others,
Chief priest of the mysteries of himself and his own,
Male and female, and the Powers That Be,
Quint-essential power of one thousand voices.

Scattering and invading mortal senses,
Constructing identity from ourselves
Brutal reshaper, shaman, Transformer,
A force of black wood and flesh that is.

Drawing the keys to Heaven
As the builder of the starry bridge
And its toll-keeper, toll-taker troll

Whose masters are themselves enchained.

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