Sunday, August 31, 2014

September: Month of The 750-Word Craziness

My current average writing speed is 500 words/hour. I want to increase this average.

To that effect I'm going to set a goal of writing 750 words in an hour every day. I'm also going to be writing things that I had no idea I was going to write until I sat down at the computer, by using random generators to supply me with the day's project. I will take fifteen minutes to check facts and get resources together, if necessary, and then I'll set the clock and get to writing. If I hit my goal every day and always take the fifteen minutes to research then at the end I'll have written 22,500 words in 37.5 hours. In truth that's 600 words an hour, not 750, but in normal circumstances I wouldn't be researching as I'm writing, would I?

These may be very rough and in need of polishing. I'm only writing. I'm going to squelch my urge to edit as I go, a practice that has definitely slowed my writing speed. I can edit later.

I may take extra time past the hour to finish a story but I will mark both the final word count and the word count at the sixty-minute mark.

Mostly it'll be stories, but sometimes it'll be other things. Usually I'll write in the morning, but sometimes not.

These are the generators that I am going to use:
  1. Consult Mr. Lovecraft
  2. Mashup Masher
  3. Gothic Manor Generator
  4. Daily Writing Prompt Generator
  5. Pantheon Generator
  6. Writing Exercise Generator
  7. Sunday Scribblings
  8. Writing Prompt Generator [7S]
  9. Prompt Generator [DDoP]
  10. Grab Bag Writing Prompt Generator
  11. Cool Bits Story Generator
  12. Easy Street Prompts
  13. Forward Motion Random Idea Generator
  14. Poets & Writers: Fiction Prompts
  15. Poets & Writers: Creative Nonfiction Prompts
  16. Writing Prompt Generator [Kairos]
  17. Brian Kiteley's Exercises
  18. Chuck Wendig's latest Flash Fiction Challenge, whatever it happens to be
  19. Writing Exercises Generator
  20. Romance Story Generator
  21. Consult Mr. Lovecraft
  22. Forward Motion Random Idea Generator
  23. Symbolitron
  24. Sunday Scribblings
  25. Writing Challenge Generator
  26. Writing Prompt Generator [7S]
  27. Writing Prompt Generator [Kairos]
  28. Christian Speculative Fiction Plot Generator
  29. Easy Street Prompts
  30. Daily Writing Prompt Generator

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