Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How would you do a vampire medical procedural?

The Chronicler's Guide for Vampire: the Requiem had a chapter on procedural stories. Legal procedurals, police procedurals, etc. One of the writers' last suggestions was a medical procedural, but they admitted that they had no idea how to proceed.

Myself, I can't think of any kind of vampire take on House, MD or Gray's Anatomy, which suggests that the field is white and ready to harvest.

So let's get to brainstorming, shall we? How would you work this angle?

  • Garlic causes some sort of reaction, no doubt. Does it, when ground and inhaled, have some effect which is beneficial, or at least pleasurable, for a short period of time, but detrimental in the long-term or in sufficient doses? 
  • Silver has myriad possibilities from what happens when it is touched, or cuts the skin, to when it is eaten or enters the bloodstream. 
  • What are the consequences of drinking blood that has been affected in one way or another? 
  • If someone has been staked but only through part of xir heart, is this as bad as full impalement? Are there any consequences to this middle-of-the-road damage or is it either full health or death, no in-between? 
  • Are there diseases unique to vampires, or which take on new characteristics in a vampire host? 

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  1. "What are the consequences of drinking blood that has been affected in one way or another?"

    For White Wolf vampires, they're affected by tainted blood. A vampire drinking the blood of someone who's drunk or high will end up the same. Vampires can become carriers of blood-borne pathogens (like HIV) but aren't affected by them. Vampires are also harmed by hemotoxins but WW never went into further detail beyond a passing mention.