Saturday, November 8, 2014

CYOA brainstorming: Battlemage (flame & frost)

What is this about?

There are three of these sets, actually. We'll be playing with each one.

Oh, and let's ignore the cost for unlocking elements.

Abilities: Proximity shards, wall of ice, flash freeze, hydromancy, frost familiar, blaze, bonfire, molten flames, dragon fire
Skills: Frost weapons, obsidian ice, ember drinker, frost armor, heart of ice, beacon of cold, ice wings, kindle, flame armor, conflagration, phoenix

Alright. Interesting being this character is. Let's sort things out, shall we?

Equipment-wise, our character is outfitted with magical armor that is coated with tough ice. The ice adds weight but grows back over time, essentially repairing the armor. But another one of the skills grants increased agility, so let's rule that the armor makes the wearer faster but is a greater drain on stamina.

Also, the armor is the source for all these powers in the first place. Yeah.

The growth of the ice not only allows for repairs. The ice is also capable of sprouting tough, heavy wings. They're kind of feathery, save that the feathers are sharp icicles.

The ice can coat weapons as the armor-bearer desires but can also be used to create weapons. These are very thin and very lethal, not least because they drain heat from whatever they come in contact with.

The armor also sheds "droplets" of ice that grow into small spheres and float behind the armor-bearer. They can be directed to stay behind as well but fall apart if they are left too far behind. They can be made to explode with a thought or under specific circumstances (such as when touched), or be fused together to create walls or even sentient elemental servants.

Finally, the ice can be broken into fragments and "infect" bodies of water." Splinters of ice can control small amounts of water so that, with enough ice, the bearer of the armor can control even entire lakes.

The armor's ice is almost impossible to melt, having no difficulties even in temperatures of up to eighty degrees, but proximity is important. Ice that is left behind becomes more susceptible to heat, as normal.

The armor is a means for long life, above all else. The cold feeds the armor, increasing stamina, so that in sufficiently cold circumstances the bearer doesn't have to worry about getting tired. But heat sources (that are not created by the armor) can do the same thing. It's mild temperatures, ones that are no more than "a little uncomfortable" to others, that are disadvantageous for one that wears the armor. And should the bearer of the armor die, zir body will be burnt to ashes, from which ze will be reborn on the next day. But that should generally be unnecessary, because this same regenerative quality can be made manifest with healing flames. Or, you know, the armor can just make ordinary burn-things-up flames that are much, much hotter than normal.

It can uncomfortable to be around the armor-bearer. Temperatures can be raised or lowered with little effort.

Okay. I'll be the first to admit that parts of this feel a little forced. The other two Battlemage CYOAs aren't so adversarial, so those should work out better than this one.

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