Friday, November 7, 2014

CYOA brainstorming: An Adventure in Time

What is this about?

Alright. This one is going to be pure fun. Hello!

Time machine: Large
Home base: Eh. Let's ignore this one, actually.
Equipment: Universal translator, gold, infinite wardrobe, two sets of futuristic armor
Mission: Magical Nazis
Companions: Socrates, H. P. Lovecraft, Jesus, Laika, Helen Keller

Well! This certainly became loads more feasible of a story than I expected. At least, I would read this thing.

So what's gone on? Well, obviously, magical Nazis. That's what's gone on. Oh, and the protagonist has been displaced by zir home time. Now ze's crossing all time and space with a few special companions. Their time machine is a few stories tall. You know, pretty big. They live in it.

And they travel across time and space in their not-a-house to fight magical Nazis that are trying to break history apart.

Socrates is an absolutely fantastic person to have aboard. Most people only remember him for his intelligence, but back in the day he was famous for his exploits in war, too. Socrates comes from a society where all the men fought, and he lived to old age.

You don't mess with Mr. -tes, is what I'm saying.

I'm going to rule that Laika has been given human intelligence. Somehow. And is a diehard Communist, of course. For the Motherland! This Nazi business is personal, mate.

The CYOA states that "like all blind people, Helen has the potential to become a formidable martial artist and sword fighter." This will be a lot of help in a temporal war against magical Nazis.

And then we've got Lovecraft and Jesus. Obvious choices, really.

I... don't know what more to say about this. Just got to say again, I would totally read this.

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