Monday, January 12, 2015

Fiction: Selections from the Time Traveler's Dictionary

Unbirthday Party noun /ˌʌn·bɜrθˌdeɪ ˈpɑr·ti/
: The celebration of the unbinding of a Parricide. Celebrated every 3,650 decimal hours, along to her, his, or zir subjective stream.
: (obsolete) any day that is not one's birthday

Subjective stream noun /səbˈdʒek·tɪv strim/
: The course of events as according to the point of view an individual observer, rather than according to the point of view of a hypothetical objective observer. The subjective streams of two individuals may not coincide, such Event A may lie in the past of Observer A but in the future of Observer B, or even never happen at all. FROM timestream.

Decimal time noun /ˈdes·ə·məl tɑɪm/
: A timekeeping system in which there are ten hours to every day, one hundred minutes to every hour, &c. Used by Parricides in place of other systems.

Parricide noun /ˈpær.ɪ.saɪd/
: (slang) One who has been unbound. DERIVED from the stereotypical, though in reality uncommon, means of unbinding (viz. killing one's grandfather before he sired one's parent).
: the murder of a parent or other near relative
: someone who has committed parricide

Unbinding noun /ʌnˈbaɪndɪŋ/
: The act of achieving apotheosis through removing oneself from history. So-called because one is thereafter moves along time only as a matter of will (or has been unbound from time).

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