Saturday, November 15, 2014

CYOA brainstorming: Battlemage (undead & acoustic)

What is this?

Abilities: Soul Seeker, Soul Companion, Soul Drain, Summon Undead, Empowered Undead, Army of the Dead, Aria, Hymn, Legato, In Rilievo, Elegy of Fragility, Staccato, Marcato
Skills: Charmer, Bocca Chiusa, Cappriccioso, Soul Ripper, Martyr, Thrall, Soul Gaze

Right off the bat, this is a necromancer who controls the dead through sound. Ze can't ever sleep. Ze can't ever talk, it's sign language only from here on out. Because ze must always, always be making the binary-like code that raises and controls the dead, a series of clicks with tongue and teeth that can never end.

Maybe spirits are connected to sound to begin with, somehow. Souls may even be heard, not seen. And perhaps there are harmonies and dissonances to the spiritual world. Regardless, through this clicking and clacking, spirits can be called, the dead raised, and souls ripped out of the living and consumed.

With greater power at zir disposal, the necromancer can even mold the wills of weaker beings, perhaps by striking at their embodied spirits. Those that cannot be controlled are instead subjected to feverish hallucinations.

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