Friday, November 14, 2014

CYOA brainstorming: Super Soldier Adventure

What is this about?

Enhancements: Nanomachines
Appearance: Unassuming (very fat)
Faction: Free Agent
Abilities: Strength 2 (beyond human potential, bench press cars and punch down walls), Agility 3 (move faster than the human eye can see, outrun bullets), Infection 2 (animal cunning, move as they did in life), Unarmed Mastery, Self-Healing 3 (regenerate limbs in a couple of days), Stealth 1 (move in total silence), Durability 2 (shrug off small arms fire, resist assault weaponry), Reflexes 2 (fast enough to dodge bullets), Endurance 2 (almost unlimited stamina, sprint for hours), Natural Toxin 1 (spit is toxic), Predator 1 (eat people in five minutes)
Perks: None
Drawbacks: Aging, Neutered, Valuable

Charles David Walker. That's his name. I don't remember why.

The parenthetical information gives you a pretty good idea about things already, so let me lay it down in summary: This is a fat man cyborg war machine. 

Are you sold yet?

The obesity is just part of the act. It's meant to lull you in, man. Make you drop your guard. Because this guy can run faster than you can see, long enough to cross from one end of the state to the other, and he react fast enough to dodge bullets. Blocking his way? He'll pull the walls down if he doesn't just run through them.

He's only here because he wants to be.

Bullets bounce off his flab like nobody's business, and if a rocket blows his arm off then he'll grow it back in a matter of days.

His spit will kill you. Then he'll eat you up, bones and all, like a Grimm's fairy tale monster. Or send your broken body against your friends, flooded with the nanites that make him what he is.

There's really only one big kryptonite for him, and that's Time. How much has he got left? Maybe a few years. Maybe just one. Heck, maybe less.

He can run faster than a bullet but time is still running out. And in the meantime, there are people willing to drop a nuke on him if they can just track him down. People like the ones he's hunting down. Like the ones that made him what he is.

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