Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CYOA brainstorming: Evil Controller

What is this about?

Cause: Persistence
Favorite food: Bonds
Realm: Small town
Minions: 1 Individual, 6 Weak, 12 Shadows
Powers: Truly Alien, False Creation, Figments, Corruption, Ghost Sounds, Minor Telekinesis
Bonuses: Nomadic Realm
Drawbacks: Untouchable (may only feed on the innocent), Strong Victims

The Dragon goes to and fro across the face of the Earth. It insinuates itself into small towns and spreads to fill them up. And then, it feeds.

Where it hunts, the world is warped. Time and space begin to detach from each other and curl in on themselves. Images and sounds manifest from other times, the fragments of those that have been or will one day be consumed. A few of these are stitched together as the Dragon wills, becoming substantial enough to form into ghouls or wisps.

With sufficient luck, of either the bad or good variety, physically stepping into another town may even be possible.

The Dragon does not actively hunt, not at first. It waits in patience as its new hunting grounds shift to become more accommodating and the locals experience subtle shifts in personality. It feeds on the destruction of social bonds, isolation and exile and shunning, with a capstone of murder or suicide. It does not act overtly, but only moves to accelerate events and make them more likely. It is important that agency not be violated in the process.

It is not a devil. It does not pursue sinners. It hunts the innocent, those whose souls are clean of any despoilment. In the course of its feeding, the innocent are scapegoated for the misdeeds of those upon whom it does not feed.

But our protagonist is very, very guilty.

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