Friday, November 21, 2014

CYOA brainstorming: Fallen Paladin

What is this about?

Fall: God is Dead
Weapon: Vampiric morning star
Powers: Necromancy 2, friend to animals, charisma, resourceful, favored by demons, unholy strength, serpent's reflexes
Companion: Engineer
Residence: Airship

When a god dies, its paladins feel the agony. They feel its loss, and the abandonment. They know, intimately, the difference between the world as it is and the world as it once was and never will be again.

And they know, as well, that their purpose has changed.

Once in a thousand years the sun god dies. A successor is born after five days of night, but the paladins that it calls will not have served a god prior to this. The former sun god, descended to the world of the dead, has left its paladins behind. And they remain with the sacred duty to destroy, slowly or quickly, all that they can.

This is the wheel upon which the world turns. It is natural, not an aberration. For this reason the creatures of the world hold no animosity for paladins of dead gods.

Like all paladins of the sun, this one wields a morning star, whose spikes symbolize the sun. As it kills, it restores the life of its wielder. Ze will hardly be the first paladin to live and fight for centuries. Indeed, paladins of a living god often hold the same boon.

The demons of the stars come and sit before paladins of a dead god. Once enemies, their purpose has become aligned, and they are willing to serve those that they once sought to kill. It is through the demons that most of a paladin's power is maintained. Bereft of the direct connection of their god, such paladins are no longer able to resurrect the dead in whole but only animate corpses.

This particular paladin inhabits a small airship, piloted by its mad artificer and crewed by a small number of the dead.

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